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Q+A: Rhyme and Rhythm Love Child

Thu Aug 25, 2016, 11:22 AM

Meet Jenay


ScarletDeath7 (Jenay) helped me feel more confident in my writing, and she helped me to really feel like part of the DeviantArt community. She's friendly and funny. :) Also, she's a talented writer, and she knows how to give good critiques. Thanks for being amazing, Jenay!

The Questions

1. What's your favorite drink?
I have so many favorite drinks that I can't pick just one. I enjoying different kinds of beer, and I suppose my favorite is Love Child No. 5 from Boulevard. For non-alcoholic drinks I like Death Wish Coffee and Monster Rehab Peach Tea energy drink. (All the caffeine)

2. What are your hobbies?
My hobbies mostly include trying new beer & taking pictures of said beer, playing video games (mostly on PC lately), traditional & digital drawing & painting, sewing & costume design, but mostly reading & writing poetry, short stories, fan fiction and novels. I have enough notebooks to fill a small library.

Of Demons and Angels"Run away with me into the night,"
Beckoned the Demon in his plight.
What he ran from, what he fought,
Was something she could know of not.
He came to her upon a dream,
A soul who's tearing at the seam.
In sorrow for his pain, she wept,
Grief until she no longer slept.
He made no promise, asked no pact,
Spoke no lie, nor did he fact.
The demon needn't speak at all,
Only for him this Angel'd fall.
Had her compassion made her weak,
Along this path that she would seek?
What was this sense that gave her pause?
What untold havoc would it cause?
She'd held the demon since that night,
Not caring were it wrong or right.
The Angel only thought of him,
He stole her heart upon a whim.
Yet, with him, she could never go,
A reason he could never know.
If he did, he'd end up dead,
Fore the Demon was only in her head.
Or is it?
The sight of a sound,
Tasting color just a bit.
Your soul smells of cinnamon,
Or is it cyanide?
A warm death,
Burning from the inside.
The truth,
Where it lies,
One can never tell.
Still it survives.
How to fix this.
Is it broken?
Or just lost?
Never spoken.
No medication,
For this affliction.
Your words,
They're my addiction.
I need this fixation,
This apparatus,
I need your ire,
To fuel this madness.

3. Why did you join DeviantArt?
Since I was a kid I've always loved looking at the diverse artwork presented here on DeviantArt. I joined when I finally had enough confidence to share my own artwork. The community here it by far the best I've encountered when it comes to sharing art on the internet. I've also developed some of the greatest friendships here. There's really no reason not to join.

4. Why do you write poetry, and what inspires you?
I like to write poetry because I've always enjoyed rhyme and rhythm. I would really like to write music, but unfortunately that is not a gift I posses. Most of my poetry is inspired by things around me. Sometimes feelings, sometimes people, sometimes other stories or movies or games, sometimes characters. A lot of times I'll try to imagine myself in someone else's shoes. What would they do? How would they feel? Where would they go? Typically those turnout to be my favorite writes.

A Boy From LouisianaLiberty spikes
Blue and green
Glowing in the night
A growl
A drawl
Sometimes nothing at all
First taste
Of the dark side
With nothing left to hide
Words fail
But music
Music sets sail
Something I can’t
Can’t understand
Can’t comprehend
Then it’s over
Not just the song
The silence
The sound
No longer around
It’s not the spikes
Or the drawl
Or even the fall
Not the words
Or the music
The habit I can’t kick
Is that darkness
A beckoning high
I still miss
Forever seeking
That consuming tide
Somewhere inside
Because of that taste
Because of the darkness
You took away
What a waste.
Show Me Your Dark SideGive me your darkness,
I don't need the light.
Let me dance with the villain,
No shining white knight.
Tempt me with venom,
No promise of chaste.
With full lips of crimson,
Just only a taste.
Abandon the hero,
Sunder the good.
Revel in power,
Like only you could.
I don't need a savior,
to fight for a cause.
I just need your passion,
And all of your flaws.

5. Do you ever doubt yourself or feel insecure about your writing?
I am constantly second-guessing my own work. There is considerable more writing that I haven't shared compared to what I have shared. Sometimes I just don't like the way something sounds, other times I'm worried it will be misinterpreted, and then I have work that I'm flat out afraid of being judged for. So, yes, I'm quite insecure about my writing.

6. What's your favorite poem you've written, and why?
My favorite poem that I've written is either Who Dreams or From A Look and for very different reasons. Both are some of my older writes. Who Dreams was written in reference to my love of RPG's. It showcases a bit from some of my favorite character roles, and I like the use of alliteration throughout the poem (such a fun technique). From A Look on the other hand focuses on the torn feelings of being attracted to someone or something that you know is bad for you. It's a very universal theme, yet personal at the same time. Mostly I like the picture it paints in my head when I go back and read it.

Who DreamsWho dreams the dream you dreamed of when
You slept the sleep of sleeping men,
And kept the Keep from keeping them
From hiding where you hid back then?
Who casts the curse of casting slow
While walking waning winter snow,
Knowing knowledge no men know
To call upon the calling crow?
Who shields the shielding shield in case
The holder bows and bends and breaks,
Weakening the weakened brace
And opening the opened space?
Who wields the wielding Sword of Wise
That foretells foretold demise,
Foreboding, forty fold in size,
For in its sight, good fortune dies?
Who bows the bowing bow so bold
And tells the tales already told
Of gods and gluttons' greed for gold
And bards who battle beasts of old?
Who's cloaked in cloaking shadows black
With potent poisons in a pack,
And dagger's best when at the back
Of enemies in lighting lack?
Who heals the health of falling friends
With hands that quickly, surly mend
The wounds endured time and again
Against the darkness to defend?
Who wakes to worlds of wak
From A LookDamn you for the thoughts, for the voice inside my head,
For the demon on my shoulder chaining angels to the bed,
Your eyes are sin incarnate, bringing life to what was dead,
And your glances in the passing saying words still left unsaid.
Darkness so alluring, calling saints forth from the grave,
Offering a solemn tiding, satisfying all I crave.
Drowning deep in indecision from the silence that you gave,
Unknowingly you beckon me to be temptation's slave.

7. What's your favorite poem here on DeviantArt, and why?
There are so many wonderful writers on DeviantArt and it's nearly impossible to choose a favorite overall, but one fairly recent poem stands out to me. My Enemy {2/30} by Emily-Byrd. She's an incredible writer and has so many great poems, but this one really caught my attention. I love the theme and the way it captures so many feelings. Sadness, anger, envy, loss, regret. It tells a beautiful, heartbreaking story and creates a vivid image in the mind. Definitely read it.

Now go check out Jenay's gallery! :nod:

Did you enjoy this Q+A? Let us know in the comments!


If you're interested in learning more about other writers here on DA, check out this journal series by amour-raven!
Who has Tumblr? I want to follow you. :la:
I appreciate you. I really do. Your support and feedback encourages me to continue working on what I'm most passionate about. DeviantArt is my online home. :)
Thank you for watching, faving, commenting, and viewing! You are my motivation!
Best wishes.


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